x0xlarge CPU and n0nx0x panels (FINAL RUN!)

If you own an original x0xb0x and want a more authentic way to program it, the only option is to upgrade it with a x0xlarge CPU upgrade and a n0nx0x2 front panel. However,  both are currently out of stock and as such unobtainium, unless you're lucky enough to find one second hand or if you can DIY. I get the question frequently if there will ever be more x0xlarge CPU's or n0nx0x panels available, but untill now not frequent enough to start a new production run.

For years n0nx0x2 was the only 303-style sequencer that was true to the original TB-303 sequencer as envisioned by Roland back in the early 80ies. There are many misperceptions about the original 303 sequencer and sometimes people online will say it is difficult and that other sequencers are easier. As a result demand for the x0xlarge+n0nx0x2 upgrade for x0xb0xes has always been low, as it was usually limited to owners of a real TB-303. Looking at the situation today in 2020, I see a gradual shift in appreciation of the 303 sequencer:

  • Paul Barker's RE-303 project and the awesome people that contribute to it came up 2 options true to the original for use in their 303 replica:
    • Sonic Potions RE-303 CPU
    • The Pixie Powered RE-303 CPU with a 1:1 virtualisation of the original 303 CPU maskrom firmware
  • In a surprising move, Behringer launched a very inexpensive clone called TD-3 with a sequencer that comes very close to the original. Due to its pricing and easy availability, the success of this clone is unseen before. More and more people will get to learn how to use the original sequencer and inevitably a lot of them will start to appreciate it as much as I do :)

As such, I have decided to make preparations for a final run of n0nx0x panels and x0xlarge CPU's:

  • The n0nx0x2 front panel will be the same proven quality as those I sold in the past
  • The x0xlage CPU may be a slightly redesigned (better) version, depending on demand

As this is a final run and I have no clue how big the demand will be, please use the form below to reserve your CPU and/or front panel. Please only proceed if you are committed to purchase the selected amount of items.