n0nx0xI0 panels

I redrew the original Brian Castro x0xI0 faceplate to make the layout match that of n0nx0x2 OS. It was quite a crazy task because of the limited room for the BANK and MODE switch, but I think this new design will work out ok now.
I'm gonna have aluminum panels manufactured with this layout because I'll be needing 1 for myself. The quality will be identical to the original n0nx0x panels, which is much better than the original x0xI0 faceplate. I probably will only do a single run, as I dont think there's that many x0xI0 owners in the world (who would read this form and/or be aware of or want to use n0nx0x OS.

Here's a mockup of the current design. It will vary based on the material used. Use the form below to reserve yours!.