2022 Brexit shipping info

It seems there's a lot of fuss about sending packages to the UK nowadays. Most of my shipments are worldwide and come with the required documents, I've never heard of any issues, so I don't see why UK would be a problem.

However after spending many hours reading the (plethora of) new rules and registering myself with UK customs, I'm still not really sure exactly what rules apply to me. As I'm a small business, I work under different VAT rules compared to normal businesses, so I am guessing all the crazy administration work does not apply and I'll just handle it like any other outside EU order - fingers crossed -.

I haven't received any orders from UK this year yet, so I can't say. You're welcome to try for yourself however, keeping in mind that some sort of customs delay is possible, and additional fees will most definately apply.

Sidenote: if you voted pro-Brexit, I hope you're happy now..

2021 Shipping update

Shipping things is more or less back to "normal" for most destinations. Orders are shipped at least once per week. The moment you get an email with the actual invoice of your order, the order will be shipped the same day (or the day after depending on office hours).

All the best!

2021 Shipping info

Due to new customs regulations, and the ongoing pandemic, delays may be expected for most destinations.

Also keep in mind that for my own safety, I try to limit my visits to crowded places like the post office, so I bundle shipments as much as possible.

All potentiometers back in stock

As of today December 10th, all x0xb0x potentiometers are back in stock.

More affordable than before thanks to a cooperation with Willzyx. Click the logo to visit Willzyx, he has many other x0xb0x parts:

New x0xlarge and panels are now available!

It took a long time (sorry!).. But here they are. Brand new x0xlarge 2020 edition and n0nx0x panel. Very excited to be able to deliver them this year. The x0xlarge is completely redesigned and better than the previous one, and to make 2020 a bit better, also more affordable.

October 2020 Update

The form for n0nx0x panels and x0xlarge CPU's has been closed. Thank you all for the submissions. Expecting to have full availability by end of November (EDIT: More like first week of December).

COVID-19 statement

Due to the current global crisis, there may be problems with shipping outside EU, if you are in doubt, please use the contact form before ordering. Keep in mind delays are unavoidable.

Added a page about TD-3 bugs

Could not resist getting a TD-3 out of curiousity. Let's start with a list of bugs.

FINAL RUN: x0xlarge CPU and n0nx0x panel

I'm organising a final run for the x0xlarge CPU and n0nx0x panel. Now or never. Sign up here.

Closed for holiday season

The online store is closed for the holiday season, but feel free to place your order. Any orders placed will be handled the first week of January 2020.

Thanks for your understanding, and happy holidays!

- rv0