Site back online, slightly pimped..

Site was offline for a few days due to updates. Wasn't supposed to last days but the road was a bit bumpy and spare time was scarce. Sorry for that ;)

Running low on stock

Running low on stock for a lot of things, so you may get a warning while ordering in multiples.

n0nx0xI0 panels, any takers?

As I own a x0xI0 and I'm totally addicted to n0nx0x2, I needed a special panel for it. So I decided to redraw the panel. Took me ages, but I'm more or less there.

Documentation added: Getting started with n0nx0x2 and x0xlarge

Must read for x0xlarge and n0nx0x2 users added here.

Shop (silently) launched

The shop was launched and all people who were on a waiting list were notified. If you encounter any problems with ordering or the site in general, please let me know through the contact form.

Shipping workflow in progress..

Got everything in stock now, just finalizing the shipping workflow. To get notified, please use the contact form and I'll add you to the mailing list.

Thanks for your patience..

Online ordering system will go live soon.

Best wishes to all!

Good news for 2016!

Good news: New panels, x0xlarge cpu's and overlays will be available to order here soon!
Watch this space :)

n0nx0x panels back in stock soon!

Enough people participated in the group buy to order a new batch of panels. For those who did, check your mailbox and order here.

New section and article

Added an "other" section to this site for all stuff that doesn't belong in a specific section.
An article about Lexicon MRC backlight/display replacement has been added to it.