About delays.. + new batch of alu panels on the way

The n0nx0x2 panel overlays we had expected for <strike>January</strike> February were not in line with our usual quality standards, so they will not be available in the shop. There were 3 variants ordered:

  • Panel overlay for alu x0xb0x
  • Panel overlay for normal x0xb0x
  • Panel overlay for x0xI0

The cost of having these done decently is comparable to the manufacturing cost of our ALU n0nx0x2 panels, which are by far a much better product. As a result there won't be any more attempts at creating overlays for PacTec cases, only solid ALU front panels as we delivered in the past. Speaking of which: a lot of people have been asking for those panels and hereby we confirm that soon we'll have more in stock. (read: they should have been here aready, but nowadays everything seems to be prone to delays..).

Tact switches have also been on backorder for a while, normally back in stock somewhere next month.