2022 Brexit shipping info

It seems there's a lot of fuss about sending packages to the UK nowadays. Most of my shipments are worldwide and come with the required documents, I've never heard of any issues, so I don't see why UK would be a problem.

However after spending many hours reading the (plethora of) new rules and registering myself with UK customs, I'm still not really sure exactly what rules apply to me. As I'm a small business, I work under different VAT rules compared to normal businesses, so I am guessing all the crazy administration work does not apply and I'll just handle it like any other outside EU order - fingers crossed -.

I haven't received any orders from UK this year yet, so I can't say. You're welcome to try for yourself however, keeping in mind that some sort of customs delay is possible, and additional fees will most definately apply.

Sidenote: if you voted pro-Brexit, I hope you're happy now..