x0xlarge CPU

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The x0xlarge is a x0xb0x CPU expansion board designed in Sweden by yhype. The reason it was created is because the original x0xb0x cpu chip is very limited in size, which poses a roadblock for alternative firmware development.

It offers many advantages over the original CPU:

- New bootloader is much more stable and provides advanced features

- upgrading can now be done much easier using midi SysEx instead of USB.

- Huge storage capacity allows more advanced firmware

- Quartz XTAL on board provides much more accurate clock

- Advanced hardware debugging in combination with c0nb0x.

All x0xlarge come preinstalled with n0nx0x2. It is very easy to install the stock firmware of SokkOS using MIDI or USB.


- contains atmega 2561 cpu with:
- 256k flash (16k on the original cpu)
- 8k sram (1k) 
- 4k eeprom (512b)
- pwm 
- 8 channel a/d
- 16Mhz
- isp & jtag footprint
- lots of spare pins
- open source design: schematic