x0xlarge CPU

x0xlarge 2020 with box and installation booklet
42,00 €
42 is the answer to life, the universe, and the price of the x0xlarge 2020 edition

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The x0xlarge 2020 is the new version of the x0xlarge, refreshed by Anton Savov. The x0xlarge is a CPU expansion board for the Adafruit x0xb0x, offering 16 times more flash storage, 8 times more ram, 8 times bigger EEPROM, PWM, 8 channel 10 bit A/D converter, ISP connector, Midi SysEx firmware upgrades and loads of spare pins.

Unlike the previous versions (made by xlarge/yhype), the x0xlarge 2020 also comes with an on-board FRAM memory chip, which has a much higher lifetime than the EEPROM in the x0xb0x. It comes preloaded with banks full of famous and less-famous TB-303 patterns to inspire.

Compared to the original CPU you get:

  • much more stable bootloader with advanced features
  • easy upgrading via midi
  • great potentional for DIY firmware due to huge storage space
  • more accurate clock
  • hardware debugging (in combination with c0nb0x)

All x0xlarge come preinstalled with n0nx0x2, which is an attempt to copy but also improve the concept of the original TB-303. Keep in mind you need a new front panel to enjoy this firmware. In case it's not your cup of tea, you can also install the Adafruit firmware, SokkOS, MarOS or develop your own firmware.

NOTE: Installation requires removing the original Atmega MCU and EEPROM from the x0xb0x. This is fairly simple as both are usually in a socket. If unsure, please check before ordering, or send a picture of the internals.

Every x0xlarge 2020 comes with a short instruction manual to help with installation. Download here: x0xlarge 2020 Version Manual_Single_Page.pdf


  • contains atmega 2561 cpu with:
  • 256k flash (16k on the original cpu)
  • 8k SRAM (1k) 
  • 4k EEPROM (512b)
  • PWM 
  • 8 channel A/D
  • 16Mhz
  • 4Kb FRAM memory
  • ISP connector
  • lots of spare pins
  • open source design: https://gitlab.com/antto/x0xlarge