n0nx0x panels

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These panels fit a pactec pt10 case and are a drop-in replacement for the standard x0xb0x front panel. They are custom designed for use with the n0nx0x2 operating system by Anton Savov. This free operating system tries to clone the good stuff from the original Roland TB-303 sequencer as close as possible,and at the same time improve it with a lot of new and inspiring features that will make programming basslines easier and more intuitive.

All labels have been placed to match the original 303 layout as close as possible, within the boundaries of the x0xb0x architecture.

The quality of the panels is of a very high standard, scratch proof and resistant to the most extreme conditions.


- Made in Belgium

- Dimension: 232x163x1.5mm

- Anodised aluminum

- 2 color screen print (sealed)

- high accuracy cut

- scratch and chemically resistant, weatherproof