ALPS Sealed Tact Switches


For use in the x0xb0x, you need 23 of these switches. 

These switches are unlike the usual tact switch you'd normally see in a x0xb0x. Superior mechanics provide a pleasant, quiet user experience while a completely sealed design ensures an amazing lifetime (10,000,000 presses). It is most likely you'll never have to replace them.

Most other tact switches used in a x0xb0x have an unpleasant feel, are noisy and of inferior quality, causing incorrect data to be sent to the sequencer (double presses). A workaround used to be placing a dust cover inside the x0x, but that only prolongs the lifetime for a couple of years.

From the factory they come with standoff feet to provide optimal positioning on the pcb, but a regular x0xb0x pcb does not have holes for them, so you need to mod them to fit. The standoffs need to be cut. This is easily done with a simple "snap-off blade" utility knife as shown below:

You also need special switch caps. The regular switchcaps used in almost all x0xb0x'es will not fit.

TB-303 & TR-606

Both the Roland TB-303 and TR-606 need 24 of these tact switches. The switches are perfect replacements and need no modification.

Other gear

Korg KPR-77, ...
1,00 €
per switch (x0xb0x needs 23 switches, TB-303 needs 24 switches)


The super switch replacement for your 303 (and others). Install these once and you'll never have to replace them again.



- fully sealed design
- avg. lifetime = 10 million presses
- perfect replacement for TB303, TR606, Korg KPR77, ...



Compare the annoying sound of a regular switch (on the left) to our switches.