x0xb0x Switch Kit

UPDATE September 2019: The kits have been discontinued as the modification of each individual switch is too time consuming. Fear not however, you can find the individual switches here and the modification can easily been done yourself.


25,00 €
1 sales unit contains 23 pre-modded switches

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These switches are unlike the usual tact switch you'd normally see in a x0xb0x. Superior mechanics provide a pleasant, quiet user experience while a completely sealed design ensures an amazing lifetime (10,000,000 presses). It is most likely you'll never have to replace them.

Most other tact switches used in a x0xb0x have an unpleasant feel, are noisy and of inferior quality, causing incorrect data to be sent to the sequencer (double presses). A workaround used to be placing a dust cover inside the x0x, but that only prolongs the lifetime for a couple of years.

These switches are pre-modded for use in a x0xb0x. From the factory they come with standoff feet to provide optimal positioning on the pcb, but a regular x0xb0x pcb does not have holes for them, so we mod them to fit. You also need special switch caps. The regular switchcaps used in almost all x0xb0x'es will not fit. We've sourced switchcaps that fit perfectly (and we also think they look and feel a lot nicer).

1 sales unit contains 23 pre-modded switches.



Operating life: 10,000,000 cycles
Soldering temperature: 350℃ max.



Compare the annoying sound of a regular switch (on the left) to our switches.