Lexicon MRC display

A few years ago I got a Lexicon MRC for free with an effect processor. The display backlight did not work and further inspection revealed someone had removed the inverter and backlight foil from the unit. Probably because it was humming like crazy, or to service another device. Not having the time back then to fix it, it became part of the "pile of stuff I have to repair one day".

Recently I realised how useful this device can be, so I had another look. At first it seemed to have some sort of exotic display controller, but further inspection (removing the labels on the chips) reveals it as the most common type of display available. This is good news of course, because that means any cheap lcd with LED backlighting is a perfect replacement and much easier, better and cheaper than buying a new inverter + backlight. Have a look at ebay china, search term: "2x24 LCD" or something like that, I think mine was about 6 euro incl. shipping (it does take about 6 weeks to arrive). Please don’t email me to ask if display x is the correct one, most likely I won’t be able to advise.

I took some pictures of the installation process, they may be useful to other people:

Top: The original display Notice how the metal brackets attach, they will need to be attached slightly different on the new display.

Bottom: The new display from ebay.


The new display being installed in the MRC. Notice the metal brackets are now attached at the front of the display. This is because a display with LED backlight is always "fatter".. Surprisingly by just attaching the bracket different, it’s a perfect fit.


All that remains now is to connect power to the LED backlight. Remove the inverter and attach the display backlight wires. Keep in mind to put a current limiting resistor here or it will be way too bright (I didn’t yet when I took this picture)! Experiment with some values until you get a brightness that you like, this can vary depending on the display you are using.




Done, it’s much nicer in reality