Every now and then, I write articles about things that interest me, problems I solved, or anything else I feel like writing down.

  1. Behringer TD-3 bugs and thoughts

    Thoughts on and tests of the inexpensive TB-303 clone.
  2. x0xlarge firmwares

    a list of firmwares for the x0xlarge
  3. How to update your x0xlarge

    Updating your x0xlarge using MIDI or USB.
  4. c0nb0x for mac

    Unofficial release of c0nb0x 1.02 for mac
  5. Getting started with n0nx0x2 and x0xlarge

    Installing the x0xlarge into your x0xb0x with the intention of using n0nx0x2.
  6. Lexicon MRC display

    Information on how to replace the display of a Lexicon MRC programmer
  7. Dustc0ver

    Prolong the switch life by installing a dust cover in your x0xb0x